Crispy Fresh is a premium salad brand made by adding healthy superfood to clean hydroponically grown vegetables 'Cheongmichae'. Put high-quality salmon and tuna in the crunchy non-pesticides that you grew yourself, and put toppings on top of them. Meet a delicious, healthy salad full of crunchy fresh delights.


따옴표Krispyfresh used an untouched hydroponics 'green vegetables' to prepare a salad. The Cheongmichae is a 2,400-square-square-meter restaurant run by Dongwon Group. It is a premium vegetable brand that is grown by agriculture-free hydroponics in 'Eoseok Smart Farm'. Meet the health of hydroponically grown vegetables and vegetables made from the best 'water' that passed 15 demanding standards in Christify City.따옴표

따옴표The competitive edge of the Dongwon industry is 0.4% of the global catch. Premium North Atlantic bluefin tuna with more omega-3 than regular salmon. Delicious Scottish Hebridean Salmon with avocados, pumpkins, oats, Only healthy and good ingredients such as nuts are selected and made.따옴표

따옴표Aqua green color symbolizing healthy and crunchy vegetables. It offers a more enjoyable and healthy dining space with its modern interior and fresh atmosphere that seems to have moved the Eoseok Smart Farm.따옴표




AM 11:00 - PM 10:00

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