Corporate Social Responsibility

Shinsegae Central City is willing to become a corporate,
which fulfills our social responsibility, based on our honest and upright corporate culture.

Operation of CSR department to carry out duties
for social responsibility

We are operating CSR department, whose main duties include information security, social contribution,
and diagnosis/investment, in order to practice socially responsible management.

Operation of system for honest
and transparent management

Shinsegae Central City is taking the lead in establishing sound corporate culture
by operating various reporting systems.


Shinsegae Pay

Efforts to establish culture of paying own share in order to
eradicate the existing culture of paying for others during the reception

CLEAN Report

Voluntary report and return
when the stakeholder is trying to pay during the reception
지인거래 신고

Report on dealing
among acquaintances

Report in advance if there is any acquaintanceship
with the executives or staffs of the business partner

Compliance with Shinsegae CREDO practice rules

All executives and staffs of Shinsegae Central City complies with CREDO practice rules, as we respect our employees, customers, and partners,
regard our shareholders as important, and wish to fulfill our social responsibility.

Social Contribution

Shinsegae Central City is carrying out different kinds of social contribution activities
to make the society where everyone lives together with each other.



신세계센트럴시티는 청년 창업 지원을 위해 파미에스테이션에 청년커피LAB을 조성했습니다.
청년커피LAB은 카페 창업을 희망하는 청년을 공모 선정해 신세계센트럴시티가 영업공간·집기·6개월간의 운영권과 창업자금을 지원하며 서울먹거리창업센터, 사회연대은행, 한국커피협회가 창업 멘토링을 지원하는 one-stop 창업 솔루션 프로그램입니다.

Social Contribution

Shinsegae Central Forest

Constructed in the size of 6,600 pyeong at Banpo Hangang Park, Shinsegae Central Forest is cultivated with volunteer works of the executives and staffs on tree planting, weed removal, and tree preparing for winters. Beautiful large trees are planted to add greenness to Hangang forest and benches are installed for the citizens to take a rest. Shinsegae Central Forest is making an effort to support Hangang Park to be a real shelter for both human beings and animals.

Social Contribution

Banpocheon (Stream) Revival Movement

In order to improve environmental condition of Banpocheon (Stream), which continues from Shinsegae Central City to the Hangang River, the executives and staffs are volunteering to participate in a number of activities, such as removal of Humulus japonicas, the alien species, elimination of pollutants, and making and throwing of EM soil balls, which helps natural purification of the stream.

Social Contribution

Hope Delivery Campaign

Shinsegae Central City is carrying on ‘Hope Delivery Campaign,’ a matching grant type of donation program, for which the company is donating the amount of voluntary donation from the executives and staffs, in order to vitalize donation culture. Funds raised from this program is contributing to different activities, including the support on medical, educational, and living expenses for children in poverty, and the construction of toy library, through the Green Umbrella Children’s Fund.

CSR Hotline

Please feel free to report to our hotline if you witness any action or behavior, which goes against socially responsible management, while you are dealing with Shinsegae Central City. In addition, please register any ideas or suggestions about mutual growth or improvements through hotline as well.

Subjects to report

  • Wrongful act of the executives and staffs or unfair business practice during transaction
  • Acceptance of bribery, Request of entertainment, or any case of violation of socially responsible management
  • Illegal act of own company or other act of overusing power
  • Ideas on policy or system improvement for mutual growth

Progress of Investigation

A closed investigation is carried out, if the reporter wishes for one. It is our principle to conduct clear investigation to ascertain whether what is reported is true or not, even though the report is registered anonymously.

Assurance of Confidentiality

  • An informer is a subject to be assured confidentiality.
  • We promise to handle the case fairly in accordance with the corporate regulation so that there is no possible disadvantage for the informer or whistle-blower.
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Point of contact for reporting

  • Address CSR team, Shinsegae Central City, 162, Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Phone 02) 6282-4081
  • Fax 02) 6282-4029
  • E-mail
  • Direct E-mail to CEO
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