YG Republique

YG Republique is a comples food service brand that combines the competence of YG Entertainment and YG Foods, which are leading Korean culture and lifestyle.


YG Republique

따옴표At YG Republic Central City, YG Foods' premium grill restaurant ‘3geori Butchers' and brunch bistro ‘3 Birds’ are all available.따옴표

3geori Butchers

따옴표At the 3geori Butchers Central City, you can enjoy the flavor of the maximized meat using the finest charcoal. 13 kinds of secret sauce, luck special seasoned pork ribs, and carefully selected quality beef loin are the representative menu that everyone, man and woman likes. In addition, you can meet Pyonyang cold noodles properly cooked by low temperature aging in broth which is cowed by Hanwoo.따옴표


따옴표3Birds is a brunch bistro with all day dining, from brunch to salads, pastas and wines to steaks. At 3Birds you will find an assortment of Italian-based dishes that are balanced in nutrition with fresh ingredients, including a Health Value Salad with organic vegetables.따옴표


삼거리푸줏간 02.6052.0103쓰리버즈 02.6052.0104


삼거리푸줏간 11:00 - 23:00쓰리버즈 10:00 - 23:00

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