We have prepared about 20 Japanese home-style menus and side dishes that contain the natural flavors of spring, summer, fall, and winter. In the name of Hoho Restaurant, I hope you have a happy time eating warm food with your company. It opened its first store in 2016, and it was established at the 5th Pamie Station after Ikseon, Seongsu and Dosan Park. It's all operated directly, so you can feel the same taste and taste everywhere.


a fresh menu

따옴표Cong of Congbuin means coffee and buin is an identity, highlighting femininity. Congbuin aims to suggest a pleasant and healthy life style with five professional chefs, sommelier, florist, barista and patisserie and be a place, people want to come again and stay longer,따옴표

neat space

따옴표Modern space with market concept is the mark of Congbuin, starting from Cheongdam branch on March 20, 2012. 'THE BLACK BOX' is a subtitle of the 3rd Congbuin store at Famille Station and it includes various lives and food and beverage contents in 'BLACK BOX'.따옴표

Table setting for the whole family

따옴표The menu of our restaurant is... Not limited to specific age groups. From young children to old people. The menu that the whole family can eat together. Using fresh ingredients We're giving you a meal with sincerity and know-how. The whole family came with us. A pleasant meal time that everyone can be satisfied with. I want you to turn around.따옴표




AM 11:00 ~ PM 10:40

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