Soi yeonnam

First established as a small noodle restaurant in a corner of Yeonnam-dong with a love for Thailand and Thai food, Soi Yeonnam strives to deliver not only the authentic taste of Thai food, but also the heart and culture of Thailand, even in a bowl of beef noodles. At Soi Yeonnam, you feel like you are in Thailand.


The charm of a traditional
Thai noodle restaurant

따옴표Soi Yeonnam not only encapsulates the authentic taste of Thailand through food, but also its interior design. Thanks to the combination of reclaimed lumber, damaged bricks, and plants, the Famille Station location manages to create the atmosphere of an aging Thai noodle restaurant. Kitchen utensils have been sourced from Thailand to add to the ambience.따옴표

Menu of Soi yeonnam




AM 11:00 - PM 10:00

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