DimDimsum is a dim sum specialty restaurant that started in Hong Kong, and is a casual dining where you can enjoy various dim sum menus and Cantonese BBQ at reasonable prices.


Dimsum is dim sum

따옴표"Dimsum is dim sum" - Starting in Hong Kong, dim sum specialty store Dim sum combines traditional dim sum with creative dim sum to create a new flavor and is loved by global gourmets. With authentic Hong Kong recipes and training, dim sum continues to be a famous dim sum restaurant in Shanghai, Taiwan, and Korea. Dim dim sum Korea is headed by veteran chefs from the region to create a taste of mainland Hong Kong. Meet the best Hong Kong dim sum created by veteran dim sum experts and trained chefs under their supervision on dim sum.따옴표

Picture Your Heart

따옴표"Picture Your Heart" - Dim dim sum Korea seeks original Hong Kong dim sum casual dining where everyone can enjoy delicious dim sum at a good price, breaking away from the image of a luxury dim sum restaurant that was previously inaccessible.따옴표

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AM 11:00 - PM 21:30

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